Welcome to Kaseus.
Help Kaseus test our new internet based network monitoring and security scan service.
As well as using it FREE while it's in testing we'll give you a $30 account credit for helping to develop the product if you continue to use the service when it goes live.
We have a limited number of free beta test accounts available so sign up now and start monitoring your networks and services. It's FREE!! (while in beta testing)
Kaseus has developed our monitoring tool in-house to solve the problem of keeping any eye on our clients servers. Why did we develop our own when there are numerous free web sites and open source software projects that have similar functionality? Most did only 80% of what we wanted, the online web sites were nice and pretty but without spending serious money they would only monitor a few basic services, the open source sofware projects had plenty of options but most of them were missing an easy to use intuative web front end.
For the last year we've been monitoring our clients servers with great success, it's allways good to ring a client and tell them their internet/server has gone down before they realise it. In the last few months we've been getting the software ready to open it up to others to use. We've still got a bit to do but hopefully it's mostly cosmetic changes that are needed and we feel it's the right time to have some beta testers on board to give it a good workout.
Why use an online monitoring system when you can easily install a number of free monitoring packages on your own server?
A couple of problems with that.
If you're a business with your servers in house you got to overcome the problem of how you get your alerts out with your internet down. It's not impossible, just a little messy and the costs will far exceed the low monthly fees of Kaseus monitoring.
If you're doing some contracting and you're looking after a few servers for different clients you'll need a realiable internet connection, a machine on 24x7 and while e-mail alerts are good while you're sitting at your PC you'll definitly want SMS alerts if you ever go outside. Once again the cost will exceed the low monthly fee of Kaseus monitoring.
There are a limited number of beta tester positions available, so join now and you get to use the Kaseus monitoring system for FREE while it's in beta testing and if you continue to use it you'll get a credit of $30 for helping develop the system.
Even if you miss out on being an official beta tester you can still register and use the Kaseus monitoring system for FREE while it's in beta testing.

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